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Hardware: Speech Synthesizers

Speech synthesizers are the devices screen readers use to provide verbalized information about the computer display to a blind or visually impaired person.

Aicom Corp.

5847 Gleneagles
San Jose, CA 95138
voice phone: (408) 238-8287
fax: (408) 238-9397
Accent and Accent SA speech synthesizers: Also offers Messenger-IC, a speech synthesizer for laptop computers.

Arctic Technologies, Inc.

1000 John R. Rd., Suite 108
Troy, MI 48083
voice phone: (248) 588-7370
Web site:
This company manufactures a variety of synthesizers. Virtually all of its note takers can double as synthesizers. In addition, it offers:
Arctic Symphonix: An internal synthesizer that works with WinVision and other screen readers.
Arctic Transport: A portable external synthesizer, includes ability to upload screen reading program to a computer.
Arctic Mini Transport: A smaller version of the transport, two models are available-the Transport and Transport Deluxe.
Arctic Spirit: External synthesizer, two models, one of which includes rechargeable NiCad battery.

Automated Functions, Inc.

7700 Leesburg Pike, Suite 420
Falls Church, VA 22043
voice phone: (703) 883-9797
fax (703) 883-9798
Smartalk: An external speech synthesizer that connects to the parallel port of your computer. Emulates the Accent synthesizer.

Digital Equipment Corp.

111 Powder Mill Rd.
Maynard, MA 01754
(800) 344-4825
DECTalk PC and DECTalk Express internal and external synthesizers:
DECTalk Express is an external battery-powered synthesizer which connects to the computer's serial port. The DECTalk PC is the internal synthesizer. Both the internal and external synthesizers work with a variety of screen readers

Dolphin Computer Access

100 S. Ellsworth Ave. Fourth floor
San Mateo, CA 94401
voice phone: (650) 348-7401
fax: (650) 348-7403
Web site:
Apollo internal and external synthesizers: More than 30 languages are available, the first language is free..

GW Micro

725 Airport North Office Park
Fort Wayne, IN 46825
voice phone: (219) 489-3671
fax: (219) 489-2608
Web site:
Sounding Board: An internal speech synthesizer and Speak-Out: An external synthesizer. The Speak-Out includes a rechargeable battery, clock/calendar and alarm/scheduling features. The Speak-Out operates in two modes-turbo and standard. Battery life is greatly enhanced when the unit operates in standard mode. It can connect via either the serial cable or to the parallel port of any Windows 9x computer.


6245 King Rd.
Loomis, CA 95650
voice phone: (916) 652-7253
or (800) 722-3393
Web site:
HumanWare is the U.S. distributor for the Keynote Gold synthesizer line manufactured by Pulse Data International. The Keynote Gold PC is an internal card for desktop computers; the Keynote Gold SA is the stand-alone external unit. The Voice Card is a PCMCIA type II card for use with laptop computers.

Personal Data Systems

100 W. Rincon Ave., Suite 217
P.O. Box 1008
Campbell, CA 95009
voice phone: (408) 866-1126
Audapter Speech System: An external synthesizer with optional parallel port and battery.

RC Systems, Inc.

1609 England Ave.
Everett, WA 98203-1617
voice phone: (425) 355-3800
fax: (425) 355-1098
Web site:
Double Talk LT: A small external synthesizer.
Double Talk PC: An internal card.

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