State Technical Assistance Team

Halloween Safety For Missouri's Children

Jack o'LanternHalloween is a fun time of year when children can dress in costume and go “trick or treating.” As with any children’s activities away from home, precautions should be taken to keep children safe from harm.

Fortunately in recent years, Missouri has not had any fatalities associated with the Halloween event.

Some of the following steps can help ensure children’s safety.

  • Stay in familiar neighborhoods/areas. Visit only homes with porch lights on.
  • Stay on sidewalks. Don’t walk in the street or across yards.
  • Avoid costumes that make walking, general movement and seeing difficult.
  • Trick or treat during a time period early in the evening.
  • If after dark, carry a working flashlight.
  • Wear costumes that are easily visible after dark or have reflective markings.
  • Never leave children without adult supervision.
  • Keep away from candles or open flames.
  • Accept candy at doorstep. Never go into stranger’s homes.
  • Do not eat candy until it has been checked and approved by the supervising adult.

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